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Medical Records

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Florida Department of Health in Lake County

What You Need to Know About Requesting Medical Records

What You Need to Bring:

  • Your photo ID
  • For records for a minor, bring guardianship paperwork (if guardian is other than parent)

Who Can Access Medical Information?

Records for Minors:  Only the parent or legal guardian (with legal proof) can sign for the release of a minor’s medical information.  A note from a parent giving temporary guardianship to another person will not suffice as a legal guardianship.

Exception:  Only the client, even if a minor, can sign for the release of their own records pertaining to Family Planning, HIV or STD (picture ID required).

Records for Adults:  Only the client can sign for the release of their own medical information.  Your spouse, child, friend, parent or significant other will not be given access to your information.

Exception:  Only with legal durable power of attorney (which covers access to someone’s medical care/information) or medical surrogacy documents can another adult access your medical information.

Copy Fees:  Only copies of immunization records are given at no charge.  All other copies of records are charged at $1 per copy for the first 10 pages then .25 cents for each additional page.  Up to 10 pages of copies will be given to a client when they present for copies for themselves however when more than 10 pages are needed, we use our copy service company for processing the request.  When the copy service is used, they will bill for any copy fees themselves.

Medical Records Release Form-English (please print, complete and return) (PDF 215KB)

Fòm pou yo voye Dosye Medikal ou yo ban nou - Creole (Tanpri enprime ekriti ou pandan w ap ranpli fòm sa a, epi retounen li ban nou) (PDF 141KB)

Formulario de liberación de expedientes médicos - Spanish (por favor imprima, complete y regrese) (PDF 145KB)

Medical Records Department Hours

Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm (closed 12pm - 1:00pm for lunch)

Contact Us

Medical Records at the Umatilla Health Center

249 E. Collins Street, Umatilla Florida 32784

Ph: (352)-771-5500
Fax:(352) 630-6090